Sunday, July 2, 2017


This is totally how I feel most summers. But this summer is different.

This summer I have not read teacher books (except the one I skimmed the week after school was out, that doesn't count any more). Have not spent hours and hours, days and days reading blogs, taking notes, planning like a crazy woman. 

The last time I really took the summer off was 2010, and that was before I went back into teaching.

I've filled my time with sewing, coffee dates with my friends, grad school classes (very different form of learning from previous summers), and general hanging around my family with no agenda other than to be near each other.

I hear some teachers talking about how quickly the summer is going. I can honestly say that I do not feel the same. It has been a glorious mix of days. And we still have ALL (except one day) of July left, and some of August. So much time!

Teacher friends--hope your summer is as wonderful as mine.

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  1. The summer does feel like it has flown by for me. But I am not sure why. Maybe I need to analyze that because I may not be relaxing enough.


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