Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday Favorites (or Saturday)

Seems to be a time of hurrying to do all the fun things that are available to us right now. That is how I felt this week. Here are my five favorites of the week.

1. Our door became a wonderland of candy canes. This was an awesome activity and the kids LOVED it! You can get your copy right here.

2. Cloverbuds. This month the kids made granola, learned even more about pigs, scattered winter wheat by our playground, and learned many facts about wheat (I learned so much!)

(No picture of wheat planting, I couldn't get out in time to get the picture.)

3. We completed our December quilt. I made an example the night before and wondered how to make it simpler. I did my best, but this one was REALLY difficult. Turning the triangles to fit was challenging for the students and the grown ups helping! Haha. But the end result is so nice.

4. A hayride sponsored by our principal for completing the school-wide reading program for the month of November.

We had 42 children and 2 adults on the wagon. We were crowded to the edge (I was praying the whole time that none of the children or I would fall off during the ride), but the students had so much fun and sang Christmas carols.

5. WSU women's basketball game. We took the whole school. The arena was filled with mostly children and it was loud. We carried our lunches in, ate them, watched the game, went to the restroom at half-time, had Goldfish for a snack during the second half, and left when the game had ended. So happy that the home team came away with a win. I think it got a little long for my firsties, but they really enjoyed it.

 These 2 got to be a part of the fan tunnel when the players came out on court. COOL!

I felt this way also, but did not sleep on the way home.

Only 7 more teaching days. How in the world can I do all the fun things yet? And still be ready to write report cards? My teaching neighbor will remind me to have fun...and that I am not allowed to say "but what about the curriculum" anymore!

Have a great weekend, some of us will be doing a snow dance (for the moisture and perhaps a snow day).
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week!

    I love the candy cane noun activity - thanks for sharing!

    And the quilt idea is too cute! I think I'm going to have to squeeze that in before Christmas!

    Joy in the Journey


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