Monday, December 31, 2012

My Head and My School

I think I may get a big head.

My cousin (or specifically my cousin's wife) thinks I'm famous. Should I tell her I'm not, or let us both pretend a bit more?

This cousin is an awesome person, mom, (I'm guessing wife), and teacher. She was one of my earliest followers. I think often as I'm writing, "I wonder if Cathy will read this..."

I've made a lot of friends by doing this blog-thing, but Cathy I know in real life. I would love to know my blog friends in real life. That makes the writing more personal, like writing to my cousin.

I do not get to see Cathy very often, because we live 800 miles apart. But I keep up with her on Facebook and she with me on my blog.

Two days ago I was finishing up a Christmas trip to visit my parents and got to see many of my cousins, including Cathy.

She made me smile when she came into the house and said (across the room), "There she is, the famous person." I looked around to see who may be in the room that I hadn't noticed before. Oh dear, she was looking at me!

Well, we (maybe it was just me) had a blast talking all afternoon. About my blog, my school, her school, and life. I smiled so much being with her. She would be famous if she had a blog.

I learned that she has been talking about me, and my school with other cousins, and teachers at her school. See why I may get a big head? All I'm doing is writing about my class and school, and she thinks it's awesome.

Next time I'm there, I really hope she takes me to her classroom and gives me a tour.

And...while I was away, the big nearby newspaper wrote a story about my school! It was on the front page! Super cool. You can read the online version here.

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  1. You are too funny, you ARE famous to me, I really enjoy your blog and have gotten some great ideas from you. I wish I could visit your school sometime, I think I will probably need to do it through your blog. I would love to have you come to my class if you're visiting sometime during school that would be so much fun! Keep writing and keep on loving those kids, they are so fortunate to have you as their teacher!
    Love, Cathy


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