Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Random. That is how I've been feeling lately.

Thank goodness I found Michelle at Fabulous in First, because she has this random, smorgasbord of a party. Now I can ramble and it is all okay.

I've been missing my routine. My teachers. My former students. My soon-to-be students. My school. As luck would have it, this afternoon I was able to think of a reason to go be at my school for a bit. I needed a book. Now there is no excuse to getting some papers prepped for the first 26 days of school.

Front entrance to my school.

Beautiful garden next to my school.

It felt very good to be in the building for 15 minutes. I looked around my classroom, made mental notes about the coming year, and reminisced this past year. Thankful that I am able to get into my room for moments like this.

Exactly one year ago today I tried to drive to my school to work in my new-to-me classroom. On the way, my van's transmission decided to stop working (I didn't know that was what was wrong until the next day). I limped the van to my in-law's house. What I knew was this: 1. my kids left that morning to spend a week with my parents (out of state), 2. my husband was 200 miles away taking pictures at someone's wedding, and 3. all manner of lights were flashing on my dashboard and I didn't understand any of it. 

Today's excursion to school was symbolic for me. My van is working, and I should trust that it will continue to work.

Right now I feel my most centered when I am creating plans for school. So, I'm glad that I have another work session with my teammate this week. We are rocking out lesson plans, quarter skills sheets to give to parents and year-long planning. We are hopeful that the work we are doing now will give us guidance through the year, keep us on track and ease our day by day, week by week lesson planning.

Feel free to leave your randomness in a comment below, or link back to Michelle. Can't wait to start my great week that I am about to have (positive thinking never hurts, right?)

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  1. Thanks Alyce! Your building sounds so cool! I live on a farm with a pet pig. Is that pig at your school?

  2. I love reading "random" blogs! :) I love your posts too! I'm excited for you for your school year and wishing I was meeting with a team of teachers to plan for the next year.

  3. I meant to start yesterday, but now I'm hoping today, on school prep work. Have so many ideas rolling around in my head. My 2nd grade team works well together, but the other two aren't interested in doing team planning - I wish we could do a little of that.
    And glad your vehicle is working :)


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