Thursday, July 4, 2013

School Dreams

Most of my school dreams are more like nightmares.

Skimpy or non-existent lesson plans. Forgetting schedules. 

They start in August as I plan and get my classroom ready. 

I've had them every year I've been a teacher. I even had one in June (so much Mosaic reading was the instigator I think).

But this afternoon I took a lazy summer day nap and had a different sort of school dream. It was lovely. I want to go back.

I was in a school (one I do not recognize, but in the dream I was ok with it). It was before school organization and set up time. I was not alone in the school working. All of the teachers with me were my bloggy friends that I have never met in real life.

We worked a bit and then went to lunch together. It felt normal.

And then I woke up. Smiling.

That is a dream I want to have again. 
Perhaps the next dream will feature different bloggy friends.

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  1. Alice,

    I have school dreams all summer long, but especially late July and August. Mine are usually nightmares as well, but occasionally there is that one happy dream. Isn't that strange? Nervousness, I suppose...



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