Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five for Friday (Personal Day Edition)

Having a special day to anticipate, plan for, and then enjoy is just what happened for me yesterday.

Thanks Kacey for continuing this wonderful linky party! My good friend shared this special day with me. Here is what we did...

First stop--Kohl's. I found a great deal on a comforter for my basement. I needed something warm to be under while I watch tv (and take naps before I go to bed).

Also found some shoes. I go through a pair of tennis shoes every year, because I wear them almost every day. Love these new ones. My friend got some shoes also (see her feet in the background?).

Lunch. Cannot have a day out without a slow lunch where someone (a waitress) waits on me. Bringing me more napkins and refills on Dr. Pepper. It was wonderful. I sat on the sunny side, and by the time we were leaving, we both had sun, and the restaurant's name was shining on our table. It was pretty neat.

More shopping. On to Hobby Lobby. Only one aisle of Valentine's Day goodies.

I asked for help from an employee, and once he learned that I teach first grade he went on and on about how I really deserved a larger salary than I got. That I should probably get what a professional ball player makes. He was so serious I thought he might supplement my paycheck right there. 

And why did I not post this last night?

Because I was busy trying out my new comforter while my family watched Ocean's Twelve. I was snoozing away by 8 pm. So lovely. It's big enough for all of us to snuggle under together. In fact, I have to be careful right now, because I am under said comforter and if I'm not diligent I may fall asleep again!

I hope you all have an opportunity to have a day with your friend doing things that you enjoy and that rejuvenate you. It's hard work planning on being away. But yesterday was worth it.

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  1. Yah for your great personal day! I love your comment - take naps before you go to bed - Me Too!
    And the Hobby Lobby employee - can we get him to run for the state legislature???
    Happy Weekend! Sara

  2. Sweet post! I got to spend a day shopping with a friend of mine last week, it was wonderful! That's cool that the guy from Hobby Lobby recognized how hard teachers work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. I can't watch tv or sit on the couch without a cozy blanket around me!! Love it!


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