Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things Part 2

Another good one today. Apparently these first graders have forgotten what they learned last year about MLK Jr.

Today I was reading a wonderful picture book to them.

I mostly read straight through the book. But toward the end, I stopped. And tried to help them understand the injustice.

To illustrate my point I gave this example...

"It's like me saying the boys can't go out to recess today, because they are boys and I don't think they should have recess."

Well, before I could say my next statement a sweet, little girl had this to say...


And all of the boys were speechless.

Then she put her hands on her hips. stamped her foot and said this--"well, if you are not letting the boys go out, I don't even care, I will stay here with the boys!" 

Cheers from the girls. Applause from the boys.

And me--looking like a horrible teacher, because I just said that the boys couldn't have recess.

Thankfully we got it all worked out, but our hearts were racing after that.

What will next week bring?

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