Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ag Fair 2014 is In The Books

A really cool part of my school is our Ag Fair.

Each class, each student (either individually or in a group) creates and presents some type of ag related project. Then in May (when we are crazy with Mother's Day and EOY testing) we host an ag fair at our school in the afternoon and evening.

Today was the culminating day.

I woke up nervous. So I tried something new. I took a photo of my ootd (outfit of the day--learned that on Instagram) and posted it.

Got some work to do on taking a good picture (and finding nice clothes).

Our kids "worked" their project from 1:30-2:45 this afternoon and then again from 6-8 tonight. What a long time for 6 and 7 year olds to be good presenters. But they did it. I sent let some students go home early, especially when Mom or Dad mentioned that bedtime is 7 or 7:30.

 Out by the barn, telling about Freckles, our calf.

Telling about Mr. Williams' farm.

Now, what did we learn on Pizza Day?

We grew potatoes in our classroom and in our garden.

Trees. How they help us, do we have school supplies made from trees?

And to end the evening...PTO gave each teacher a hanging basket of flowers.

So pretty. Now to share it with someone who will not let it die (because of neglect or over watering, both of which I am known to do).

Off to bed. Tomorrow is "Muffins with Mom" at 7:15 am! Before Mom leaves for the day, she will come to our classroom and be given a special gift, so I need to be there, can't just arrive before the tardy bell rings.

Why did we schedule a late night and early morning right next to each other?
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  1. Oh, Alyce, you look so nice! Thanks for sharing a picture!! Sound like your ag day was great, even if it was a bit long. I'd love to do a moms and muffins morning. What a fun idea! Sara

    1. And I love your flowers! My hubby just bought me some similar ones for Mother's Day.


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