Monday, May 19, 2014

The Last Week

It has begun. A week of lasts.

Today was the last time we had to leave recess early to make it to science on time.

Today was our last Monday together.

To commemorate a wonderful year (and that my grade cards are done, reports are turned in, and I am such a fun teacher) we are having a modified "Classroom Campout" this week.

I say modified, because I am doing it differently than last year (no tents, no special snack). It is not such a big deal, but still a big deal.

Have you ever made a catapult? And what does that have to do with camping?

No? And you don't know? Me either.

I told the kids--camping is a whole bunch of science experiments (like building a fire) and got by with that explanation.

Heck, they didn't need an explanation. I had them at "we are going to make a catapult."

At least half of the kids had made some form of catapult in the past, so not new, but the materials were new, so that was good, and they got to shoot mini marshmallows.

Here are some photos of kids being proud of the catapult they made.

But, even more fun than shooting marshmallows across the room (and being very loud about it), they loved their snack...

For writing we wrote a "How to make a catapult" essay (use the word essay loosely, please). Should have snapped a picture, but, I was too busy packing up their chore boots that I sent home today.

And how do I cap off such a fun day?

Planning for next year. Specifically the first 6 days of school with my best teammate, Mrs. Jones. You know, we even finish each other's sandwiches (that's what she told her teacher mentor today--who has not seen Frozen, so the comment fell flat).

Those 6 days are going to be theme days related to character traits that relate to a fantastic picture book. See, how can someone not get excited about that?

As she left today, with a twinkle in her eye, she asked, "shall we get together tomorrow? And do more planning? We  can add math into those 6 theme days."

Yes, please!!
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  1. Oh, I like the idea of theme days to begin the year - and character traits - oh yeah! I've only gotten as far as bringing some stuff home to look at this summer. Good luck on the rest of your planning! I'd like to read more!! Sara


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