Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Weather...

I love you!!

Yesterday I could wear pants and not be too hot.

Last night I needed a sweatshirt and blanket to stay warm at the local college soccer game.

Today the windows are open and the breeze is cooling off the house.

Tonight I get to make homemade pizza.

This weather reminds me that my students and I are so close to a routine that we could carry on with a substitute teacher.

We get amazing recess weather--warmish, coolish, just perfect for playing outside with our friends for hours on end.

Today I commented to my husband, "I think fall is my favorite season." I'm all cool, thinking this is the first time I've mentioned this thought out loud. My husband replies, "I think you've told me that before."

Actually that is good news. That means I DO love fall the best, because every fall I fall in love with this season all over.

I like the other seasons. I like the changing seasons. But I do have a favorite. I don't even care that the trees go from green to brown. Sure, colors would be a bonus, but I've never as an adult lived in a place where that would happen, and I can't remember much earlier than that or what that looks like and feels like. So, I'm not missing out.

Kansas--you are great, thanks for reminding me how much I love fall.

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  1. Oooo, yes! We opened all the windows in our house too. It's so nice to air it out! :) This lovely weather also made our time at the state fair today lovely. I hope you enjoy the rest of our lovely weather weekend!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  2. We got the cool weather and some much needed rain! :)
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. I'm still waiting on cooler temps here in the south but I just put my apple scented kitchen soap on the counter so at least it smells like fall!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  4. I think this week will finally bring some of that weather to us. I love our Midwest seasons. They remind me to enjoy things while they are here because it is everchanging.

  5. It changed tonight here in Chicago! This morning was muggy and rainy and tonight it is windy and cool and blustery :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe


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