Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yes, I Rearranged. Again.

I think a lot. Make new plans. Change things up. 

But I don't really like change. I like predictable.

Today at recess I got to thinking. And jotting notes down on the Post It note I had. And ended with a new daily schedule. Today was day 26 of school, and I gave myself a new schedule.

Oh Boy!!

My guiding question was: what is best for this group of first graders?

As I kept going back to that question I mostly found that I HAD to change the daily schedule. And now I am in LOVE with the new schedule.

It is lively, but not forceful.

Rigorous, and has time for building and maintaining our classroom family.

It follows the district guidelines of minutes teaching various subjects for interventions and core instruction.

So with this new schedule, I moved a table and have a great space at the front.

I am excited to use this tomorrow.

A new schedule in hand, and a mini room re-do--it must be time to look back at notes I took this past summer. 

Notes of some Debbie Diller ideas that I wanted to use. What I noticed is that the notes and ideas have stayed in my book. So sad, right? I was super pumped in June and July about work stations.

Now is the time, the time is now! Tomorrow, before the kids start math stations, I will teach "How to share the materials." Or maybe "How to take turns." Or perhaps "How to put things away."

Next week--ramp up literacy stations...

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  1. Soooo are you going to share your new schedule with us? Inquiring minds want to know ;)

  2. Yea you for being brave enough and flexible enough to switch things up! Hooe it goes great today! Sara


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