Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I taught with rigor.

If you know anything about the Common Core State Standards, you know that we must teach the standards and with rigor.

That word rigor has scared me a little. I can teach, but how do I know if it is rigorous enough?

With the help of my newly created scope and sequence I have lessons planned out for the next 2-3 weeks (some parts need filling in, but it is mostly there). And today I felt like it was a rigorous day. For me and the students.

We never let up. Math-place value tens and ones, number sense with a hundreds chart. Reading-Feature Flamingo with National Geographic Young Explorer, onset/rimes, digraph sh, contractions. Writing-begin letter to Santa. Science-what is in the sky.

Tired yet? I am. Poor kids, we did not rest today. I did let them use the restroom if they asked, but they were so busy that my usual kiddos that ask forgot about asking! And one that never asks, asked.

Hope they rest up tonight, because I've got four more days planned just like today.

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