Friday, November 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Crazy title, huh? Especially since it is the day after Thanksgiving.

Way back on May 12, 2012 I created my Summer Bucket List. #1 on that list was to create a year-at-a-glance for reading, writing, math, social studies and science (and ag as much as possible).

Sorry to say that it (the year-at-a-glance) never happened.

I tried to several times. But could not figure out where to start. Blame it on switching grades. Or lack of understanding of CCSC. Or that I was too busy creating cute "things" for my classroom. Or that I was doing the other items on my bucket list.

Recently I decided that I needed to get it done. Sure, we are 1/3 into the school year, but that leaves 2/3 of the year to get everything else done. I needed a plan.

Especially since I am eager to really teach The Phonics Dance and the Critter Cafe (see Ms. Marciniak's post or mine).

Sure, I could hop along and skip around and hope that I do everything possible before May 2013 rolls around. OR, I could buckle down and put a scope and sequence on paper.

This past Monday I was sitting in the bleachers at my son's (who became a teenager today!) basketball game. During half-time I pulled out a tiny notebook, a calendar, The Phonics Dance book, my districts word study list and started planning. Week by week. It was so fun. I couldn't even put my books away when half-time was over. I tried to work only when there was a break. But I may have missed seeing a basket that my son made (oops).

No time to work on this plan on Tuesday, we were preparing and feasting and recovering from feasting.

However, I did get back to it Wednesday morning. Now I was ready to add the CAFE strategies. And today I added social studies, science, writing, and art. Ohhhh, it is so lovely.

Perhaps over our Christmas break I will add math to it.

I would be pleased to let you see it. If you leave a comment and your email I will send it to you. Maybe you could even give me some tips on how to make it better (more user friendly) or how you scope and sequence.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Well I would love for you to send it to me!!! Maybe some of your motivation will rub off on me :)

    1. Check your school email. Let me know what you think...


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