Friday, November 30, 2012

My Friday Favorites

Truly this has been an amazing week.

1. I loved the many, varied lessons that I created (and taught).

2. They wrote letters to Santa (that I will type up this weekend). We did a bit everyday and they turned out awesome!

3. Lunch in the classroom.

We eat in our classroom every Tuesday and Thursday. We practice manners, conversation, and have a good time. I let them talk, but not yell. This week we listened to Christmas music while we ate.

4. We decorated the community tree downtown on Wednesday. Each child may bring an ornament to hang (and not be returned), we sang several songs around the tree when we were finished (think Whos and Whoville), and then our PTO had hot chocolate back at the school when we got back.

I love the picture that has the tree and the grain elevator in the background. My school and its town is crazy cool.

5. At recess today I noticed that the pigs' and calves' water was low. Two friends offered to help fill the tanks. Love that recess can be more than playground and soccer. I love those options, but how many schools can chore (and love it) during recess?

6. The phonics dance is going so good! I did LSF (letter sound fluency--given random list of letters, produce as many sounds as possible in 1 minute) progress monitoring this week and my kids raised their scores by a craaazy amount. I happy danced all around the school showing off their scores. My hope is that will soon transfer over to nonsense words (and real words). Next screener is in January.

7. The TpT sale was wonderful. I've been enjoying looking through all my goodies and plan how to use them.

8. The teachers I work with are great (you know who you friends in person and in blogland). They are encouraging, never condemning and want the best for me and all the kids. Thanks!

So with my heart full of gratitude, tonight I will watch tv and gear up for the next week.
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