Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Story about a Desk

Like most schools, my school has a carnival in the spring. This carnival is planned by the PTO, and run by the PTO, but teachers come and work and reap the benefits of this carnival.

There are games (a cake walk, ring toss, and loads more), a bouncy house, food, and a silent auction.

I worked at the lei and sunglasses station. Give me some tickets, I will give you some merchandise.

When my friend came to help me she sent me off to have a look around. I scanned the silent auction.

Halfway around the circuit I spotted an old-fashioned desk that had been refinished. It was gorgeous. I noticed who donated it. The family of one of my students.

There was one bid on it. So I added one. $30. It is a steal. While I was standing and admiring the desk the grandpa (who had done the work on the desk) started talking to me.

"It should go for no less than $150." "I spent 10 hours working on it." "I hope you get it."

Back at the lei table I told my friend about it. (She is a big auction gal.) She sent me off again to see if anyone bid after me. The nerve of another person. She bid $40! I went to $50.

But I was sweating, my husband had no idea I was bidding. 

Talked to Grandpa a bit. Back to my table. This time I was watching to see who it was I was bidding against.

This back and forth bidding went on for another 20 minutes. I was shaking. I wanted the desk, but what would my husband say?

Now Grandpa came and found me at my lei table to let me know that the other lady had the bid at $125. I just couldn't make another bid. So the lucky lady got my desk.

On the last day of school Grandpa told me that he is on the lookout for a desk for me, and then he would refinish it.

Two weeks ago I got lucky. While driving through town I spotted a similar desk at a garage sale. I swerved into a parking spot, raced to the driveway and looked at that desk.

It was in bad shape, but I brought it home with me. This desk was bought at a school auction. The middle school that my husband went to, and that my children attend. Cool history.

After making arrangements with Grandpa, and leaving it with him for a week, I got to go and get it today. It is gorgeous.

It will go to school with me in August. I'm not sure how I will use the desk, but I love it.

Thanks Grandpa!

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  1. That is sooo cool! How awesome that it also has family school history! I am jealous!

  2. He did an amazing job with that desk!
    Stories by Storie

  3. Wow! That's WAY cool! Beautiful refinishing job!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. Wow! Grandpa did an amazing job! Maybe it could be a reward for your students? Like someone special gets to sit in it.


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