Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday (June 21, 2013)


Summer Fridays seem almost like summer Mondays. Lazy, hot, do what I want when I want, drink as much water as I want, because I can use the restroom multiple times a day (and with no time limits), and sleep/nap to my hearts content.

Enough of that. Time to review my week and share five random happenings, and then link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs.


I don't buy sugar cereal. But sometimes I want to spoil my kids. So, while a boy was away at summer camp, I bought the other boy a box of Lucky Charms. A box all to himself. Doesn't have to share it with anyone. Of course, when the other boy went to camp, I had to buy another box of Lucky Charms for the boy who had already been at camp. (Confused yet?) There is only one problem. One box was bigger than the other. And the boy with the smaller box now wants some of the other box. This is called spoiling gone wrong.

2. No picture for this one. I spent Tuesday with my 2 buddies from school. We met up and headed to Wichita. We leisurely shopped at a Goodwill, had a leisurely lunch at an elegant eatery, and leisurely shopped at ROSS. At times we caught ourselves talking about school (mostly it was me going on and on about comprehension, Mosaic of Thought, and planners), but tried to turn it around and asked each other questions. So thankful for friends and time to spend with them.


Wednesday was spent at a PD day. My brother-in-law (who is an amazing teacher) recommended to me last September to go to any LETRS training I could ever go to. I had no idea what it was. Didn't spend any time researching it. When my district announced this LETRS training in May to happen in June I jumped in. Because my b-i-l said to do it way back when. I'm so glad I did. 

Now to get my hands on other modules...


Not sure what other teacher's homes look like, but this is mine. My basement is overrun with boxes of files and books and binders. Yesterday I found a spark of motivation and started getting together all my files for "Back-to-School." That bit of organization led to the above picture. In the process I found: my SAT scores from 1989; my PPST scores from 1992; job search files from 1994, 2001, and 2009; and every teaching contract I have ever signed. Better head back down and create a bit more walking space.


Today I gave myself a pedicure. I soaked my feet in bath salts made at Ag Camp, put on some foot cream, put on pedi socks my mom made, and then added polish. Now my toes are all ready for my business trip next week.

I am traveling with 8 colleagues to Minnesota for the National Ag in the Classroom conference. (I went last year as well, it was in Colorado. Read about my fun times here.) It feels crazy to call it a business trip, but that is what my buddy calls it and she knows about this stuff.

Alrighty folks, head over, read posts, leave comments. Have a wonderful First Day of Summer!

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  1. Love your toes, and the pedicure socks are pretty awesome in my opinion...


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