Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ag Camp

School was officially over May 23. 

Last week was a lazy week. Some reading. Some thinking. Loads of HGTV watching.

This week is "Back to School." The Ag Camp way.

Our students have the option of coming to camp (one week, 8-12) at school. We volunteer to run centers. This year we are lucky to have 6 centers that the kids rotate through.

1. Kitchen: so far they have made strawberry jam, cinnamon rolls, dog biscuits.

2. PE: cup stacking, Wii, Minute to Win it.

3. Wheat weaving: stars and I'm not sure what else.

4. Painting: (This is my center.) We have been working on a cow painting. Tomorrow is a watercolor (I have yet to decide the subject.)

5. Soybeans: making products from soybeans like lip balm, bath salts and hand lotion.

6. Tie dye and garden: they tie dyed shirts on Monday, and then harvested potatoes and onions from our garden.

Tomorrow is our last day of doing the centers, because on Friday we will sell it all at our Farmer's Market. We will walk the two blocks to the convenience store and set up shop. We will be open until we are out of products.

I am totally in love with our cow paintings.

The idea came from Art Projects for Kids. (I love that site, go check it out!)

And because we are selling this art, each child did their painting on a real piece of canvas!

Day 1 (Monday): Draw the cow following my directions. The kids used a pencil. Then went over all lines with a Sharpie.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Paint the cow.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Add Mod Podge to seal the painting.

 (I love this picture.)

This is my cow. I HAD to do one, right? As an example? I loved it.

I'm kinda looking forward to next week when I can be lazy again...

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  1. I'm sure it's a lot of work, but your ag camp sounds like so much fun! I'm sure the kids are enjoying it and making lots of memories. I know i would've enjoyed something like this as a kid.

    Enjoy your last couple days before resuming relaxation mode!
    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

  2. Your camp sounds sooo cool. I bet the kids absolutely love it. the cow painting s turned out terrific! Good Job!

    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Sounds like fun - for the kids and you! We went on vacation last week, so I'm being pretty lazy this week. Sara

  4. Those cows are lovely, thanks for sharing them!

    Kathy Barbro

  5. I love your cow pictures!! I love reading your blog because your school sounds amazing!


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