Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thinking Part 5 (The Art of Discovery)

I was part way through this chapter (of Mosaic of Thought) when I went to see a movie with my family. The movie provided me the perfect opportunity to practice questioning (did you miss that? read about it now).

So, to finish the chapter was a bit anti-climactic, but a few notes pop out at me.

1. Asking questions can help you get grounded in a story (proof of that)

2. Most students aren't aware of their questions and need to observe a proficient reader generate questions during think-aloud lessons (that is how I finally got it)

3. Questions can reveal more about children's thinking than do quick answers

This book suggests strategy studies. To spend 4-6 weeks studying one strategy, then add another on.

So, as I am thinking about next year I wonder--could that work for me and my first graders? Time to get out the Common Core Standards and match them up with these strategies.  

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