Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday (August 9, 2013)

Welcome Friday. 

Welcome Rain. You were just here, but another visit?

You have stopped the work on my school addition (boo). You flooded me in this morning so we couldn't make it to the dentist (boo). You have given me time to blog (ok).

It is 9:45 am and I have 5 random pictures of rain. From TODAY!!!

1. My boys and I left at 7:30 this morning to drive 25 miles north to the dentist. We got 1 1/2 blocks away before we took refuge in a parking lot. The streets were more flooded than I have ever been in. I am a scaredy driver. We sat in the van for one hour.

2. Finally got brave. We left all of our stuff in the van and started the walk home.

3. As I was walking (and I got the only umbrella), I thought. Take pictures!

(A grassy area that we throw baseballs and frisbees in.)

4. My best friend came out of her house to watch me trudge by. She took a picture of me taking a picture of the street in front of her house.

5. When I got home my jeans were soaked to my knees and my flip flops were very squishy.

This is the fourth rain we have had like this in 12 days. But the first day I tried to go anywhere or do anything.  Think I learned my lesson--STAY HOME!!!

I'm off to reschedule those dental appointments. Wishing you a great day!

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  1. These are the kind of rainy days I love, but since we've had SO MANY of them I am ready for more sun and less rain! Happy Friday!

  2. Oh no! I like some rain but not that much. It looks like it is pouring cats & dogs. I hope the rest of your day went well.

    Lovely Literacy and More

  3. Wow! That's crazy. Especially in the summer!

  4. We have had more rain this August than I can ever remember! It is great not having to water, but it makes for a very different end to the summer. Sara


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