Sunday, August 4, 2013


I feel like telling some stories. 

Story #1: We bought a Wii this past week. Our boys have spent loads of time on it. I've bowled every day, and played MarioCart once. MarioCart was no fun for me, how am I supposed to race when the controller is so touchy and I have no idea what the course is?

So, bowling it is.

Except that I must have a very awkward throw, because my wrist, armpit and opposite leg hurt. I had difficulty walking last night. My husband said that he is glad that our HSA is full of money to pay for my Wii injuries.

Story #2: My first grade partner and I created our beginning of the year alphabet sound and handwriting review sheets. 26 sheets of paper. 50 copies of each pages.

I've been looking at this stack of paper for 4 days. Not wanting to collate them, but with a movie on this afternoon I decided to get started.

How would you collate them?

Well, I put the first 10 sheets down on my basement floor and crawled around on my knees to put them together. Then my knees hurt. So I started squat walking. Now I have other parts hurting.

The next set of papers was 6. I could do that from one spot. Much better.

(All 50 packets, they need a cover and then to be bound.)

I hope to be walking normally by the time I have a district meeting on Tuesday.

Story #3: I can play 4 songs on my guitar. A good bye song, Skip to my Lou, Buffalo Gals, and 100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall. When I play the songs sound like ballads (slow), perhaps by sometime in the future I will be able to transition faster like the lady on my instruction DVD. Yep, I'm using a DVD to learn how to play. 

I still have 2 weeks until we start back, but wish all my friends well that are starting this week! Good luck.
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