Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meet the Teacher 2013

On the way to school this morning (my last workday before school starts), I realized I forgot to eat anything.

So lucky for me that our local coffee shop is directly on my way.

A chai tea and a white chocolate chip scone. Kind of like my last breakfast. The last day that I could arrive the moment before I am required to be there and not feel like I am behind before I even get started. So, I had time for a five minute detour.

It was yummy.

And tonight I met 19 out of 20 of my new firsties. I recognized most of them from last year, but now I have no excuse to not learn their names.

Meet the teacher is about letting the children and their parents come and meet us. But, I think it did as much for me. I was really nervous. Will I forget names? Will there be a question that I cannot answer?

But I'm feeling good about tomorrow. Except for the guitar and singing (I didn't practice enough today). They aren't strangers anymore. I spoke to all the students and most of the parents. 

Buttering up the families is also a good idea. I gave out student and parent presents.

And I got 4 hugs from last year's firsties (now they are seconds--not sure how to say that).

Perhaps with those hugs and firsties that are not strangers I will be able to sleep tonight. A girl can hope.

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  1. Nice idea... butter them up!! ;) How'd it go? I can't wait to find out!

  2. I am glad that your night went well!
    Curious Firsties


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