Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Can we talk?

Let's be clear, when something is going not so good, I am pretty sure it is because I did something. If a parent calls me, it probably means I messed up somehow. An email most likely means I screwed up.

When things are going great, it is not because of anything I did. If my students are responding to me and following directions, it's probably the moon.

Yep, I have a problem. It's all about me. Just ask my best friend. She knows this about me. We laugh and cry about it together.

Today a girl was crying during our ELA time. The aide could not figure out what was wrong. Finally she went to the social worker. I made her cry.

A boy doesn't want to come to school this year. He has never been this way in his short school career. I make him sad.

These must both be my fault.

Time for me to take some Becky Bailey medicine. See the best in others (or me in this case). It is soooo easy for me to see the best in others. Me, not so much.

A while ago I was seeing the best in me, and I got slammed. I did not see it coming. So many hurt feelings. Now it is just easier to be hard on myself, so that when I get slammed the fall is not so far and doesn't hurt so much.

My assignment tonight... Wish all three of us well. Me. The girl. The boy. Breathe deeply. Feel the bad. Feel the good. And know that tomorrow I have another opportunity to make a difference to all three of us.
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  1. You are good at what you do!!! I don't know what happened with the girl or the boy but I DO know that by next week or the week after they will be telling everyone they know how glad they are to be in your class. Watch some TV and paint your toenails and feel this cyber-hug!

  2. I hear you!!! Sounds like me too! That is why I am so fond of the song Amazing Grace! I love God's grace, and I am learning to extend that to myself! Give yourself some grace! It happens!

  3. I joined your site because I realised that you have much of value to offer after reading a few of your posts! Try to remember that People are not great or even good, we make mistakes all the time. I agree with Carrie (above),but thanks to God's grace in Jesus we are righteous before Him. Now that's amazing grace. I will pray for you. All the best for a beautiful day tomorrow.
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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