Monday, August 19, 2013

This, That and The Other Thing

This: Today I got a package!

A while back I impressed my sister by singing (and playing the guitar) over the phone to her. I regaled her with the Good-Bye song that my cousin taught me, and together we sang 100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall. That was a great time!

The very next day she found this book and thought of me. She didn't leave the store without it. 

I think the book will be a great addition to my classroom routines.

That: My left index finger is burned a little. 

Today my husband needed to laminate the college student ids. He has helped me so much at the beginning of the year that I thought, "I will offer to help him."

He turned me down.

Until he changed his mind.

He put the packets through, I took the ids out. But they were very hot. It took about 60 minutes to put 410 ids through the laminator. My finger will hurt for a bit yet.

The Other Thing: Back to School Meetings were today. Before we got under way in my building this afternoon I played the guitar and sang for my teacher friends a Hello song. I learned about it from Grade ONEderful. And then as we finished this afternoon I played and sang the Good-Bye song.

I call them my friends because no one laughed (even when my voice was shaking) or heckled (when I may have had trouble finding the chords or pitch). Some even suggested I sing over the PA some day.

Today was a test for me. If I can sing and play for my teacher friends, how much easier it will be with my firsties! Yay, I am so happy singing and playing the guitar.

Maybe tomorrow I will sing Kumbaya to calm us all down.

We have tomorrow and Wednesday to finish "things" up, and then Thursday--Ready Or Not, Here They Come!
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  1. Yeah you for singing in front of adults - I think that's way harder than kids! Hope your finger gets to feeling better quick, quick, quick. And happy meetings to you - haha.


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