Monday, October 13, 2014


Isn't it grand when the day runs like clockwork?

Today was NOT that day.

Maybe I needed to have spent more time over the weekend in my classroom getting lessons and materials ready (I thought I was ready). But I really enjoyed my family, a soccer game, time with my friend on Sunday afternoon and watching some DVRed shows.

Maybe I needed to incorporate more play and fantasy into the day. I mean, they are six and seven. What do they do? Play pretend, and if I'm lucky, they learn something along the way. But I had a schedule. And they were not following it.

Maybe it was the rain and the anticipated indoor recess.

Maybe it was the promise of a short week (only teaching 2 days, then the kids have fall break).

Whatever "It" was, "It" threw my plans out the window by 10:00.

Maybe tomorrow will be a clockwork day...

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  1. Aw. How wrong is it that this was comforting to me. :)


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