Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It Was Fun

How do you know?

They told me it was fun.

Today Mrs. Jones and I were debriefing after school (like every day). What went well, what we want to do better, what flopped, what we LOVED.

Not even sure what she was talking about, but next out of her mouth was, "It was fun."

As soon as I had "H---" out of my mouth, she finished with, "I had a pony."

(I was about to say, "How do you know it was fun?")

And then we both busted up laughing.

It has got to be one of our favorite videos.

We quote it often.

Last week we had chocolate pudding, and it was fun. We also pay for classroom extras (folders, glue, and snacks) with kidney money.

(We don't have pudding or pay with kidney money--we are kidding.)

If you do not "get" what I'm talking about, watch this...


Yes, that was fun.

Pony rides, knife throwing and pudding.

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