Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Occupational Hazard

OOOWWWWW that hurt!

My class has chores this week.

We were almost done. Chickens--check. Calf--check. Pigs--check. Hang up the hose--CRASH. 

Right into my thigh. I screamed (a little from pain, a little from surprise--nope, it was a LOT from pain). 

As I was doubled over I heard in the background--"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

I kind of hollered back--"I accept your apology!" I didn't want to accept. Someone RAMMED a wheelbarrow straight into me, but youngsters were watching, and I had to be a good example.

She continued out of the barn to whatever job needed that wheelbarrow and I staggered, teary-eyed to a bench to sit down. 

A friend of mine who was helping chore saw me, and said that she thought it wasn't broken (perhaps that was a comment on how much I was describing my pain). But it REALLY hurt. 

Anyway, I'm ok.

But next time you or anyone is in the barn, watch out for eager youngsters who should not be driving wheelbarrows at high speeds.
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  1. Oh, no! How big is your bruise?? And your lip, from biting it so you won't say anything unkind 😀
    Hope it feels better by now. Sara


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