Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Not quite 2015.

But close enough that the January Currently linky is up. 

I LOVE Friends, and this episode has me laughing out loud. The one where Rachel teaches Ben about practical jokes. 

I'm listening to/watching Friends from my comfy couch and warm blanket. Love this time of no time constrictions.

Just happened to catch part of Mr. Greg last night. Then I searched around some more, and 2 hours later I was wide awake, watching videos, reading reviews and planning my deskless classroom. Can't wait to get started on the makeover!

So, for my classroom, I want two circle tables (and a couch and pillows and bath mats). I'm looking for flexible seating, so that my little learners have choices.

How often do I write in my Currently that I need to be healthier, eat better, exercise more? Add one more time...

Along with the classroom makeover comes more decluttering. I watched two webinars by Erin Klein (find links on her website) today. A quote that I wrote down is "My classroom is not a storage unit, purge, donate..." So, decluttering starts ASAP. Wish I could be in my classroom RIGHT now--I am so excited to get started (hey--sister--want to come help???)

A lifestyle change--more vegetables, more exercise, less soda.

A seamless semester of engaged learners, standards taught and mastered, and teacher heaven. Check back in June to see if that all happened...

Welcome 2015--I have great ideas and fantastic people around me that make wonderful things happen. Bring it!!

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  1. Sounds like you have some big plans! I have always wanted to go deskless, but we are not allowed to remove any furniture from our classrooms, so I am stuck with what I have! Bummer, but there you go! I am going to work on my eating habits as well. I know I can do it, but getting started is hard! Happy New Year!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. Love that quote - I just moved schools so I have purged a lot - but still have too many boxes in my basement. I am too scared to go deskless - although I never sit there - good luck with your classroom makeover. All the best with your goals for getting healthier - this is the year : )

  3. Love your enthusiasm! Hope you get your wish and you can do what you want in your class.
    Enjoy your comfy couch! Sara

  4. Loved catching up with you in this post!
    So excited for your makeover changes in the classroom! Decluttering is a bare but sooooo worth it! Here's to a fabulous New Year my friend!

  5. Wow, Alyce! A deskless classroom! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
    Not very fancy

  6. The first time I changed classrooms in 7 years was very eye-opening! Luckily I've looped twice now so it's easy to give things away as opposed to packing them! But this time of year I look around my classroom and just cringe. Looking forward to seeing that makeover! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  7. I'm your newest follower! I'm committed to getting rid of clutter at work and home this year. Thanks for the heads up on the webinar at Erin Klein's website. I'm going to watch it today. I would love to go deskless! Have a great New Year!
    Teacher Gone Digital

  8. Thank you for giving me some new food for thought! I have plans to watch the video links in your Currently today. I am already in the middle of a big rearrange, fruit-basket-upset in my room, trying to get it more organized to my taste and to figure out how to best use ALL the space we have. Have a great new year!

  9. hey there! happy new year! Friends is on Netflix, huh? What a great addition for the new year!
    I hope you get your classroom exactly how you'd like it this year! I know your little kiddos will love all the choices coming their way!
    Good luck with your lifestyle change - I'm also going to put LOTS more effort into that as well!
    Happy 2015!
    BigTime Literacy


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