Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Oh how I love the time to write.

And reflect.

And watch tv. :)

Michelle keeps doing it... Finding ways to encourage those around her to write, write and write. Because how do we get better at (or feel better about) our writing? Write.

A list of what I love today, in no particular order:

**My Christmas tree that my sons put up yesterday (and I put on a few strands of lights, then they put on their ornaments)--it's perfect;
**an impromptu evening meal and movie with my mother-in-law and my family;
**a shopping trip with my school buddies;
**an Amazon gift card that just bought me my very first home laminator:
**the hope and promise of a new year;
**green olives stuffed with feta cheese.

Tell me, what are you loving today?

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  1. Good morning, dear friend! So glad you joined me today! A home laminator?! Whatcha going to craft with that? :-) I hope you have a great Christmas with your family! I'm also looking forward to the new year!
    Hugs, Michelle

  2. Love it! Merry Christmas friend!

  3. I'm loving that my funny sweet little grandson is with us this Christmas:)
    I'm with you on the olives and feta.
    Merry Christmas, Alyce!

  4. I'm loving sleeping late, spending time doing nothing with Delaney. Havig time to re-energize as a teacher. . Actually getting to read some blogs which I haven't done in quite a while! :D Happy Holidays, my friend!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Having my own laminator changed my life :) You will be wondering what you did without it :) Merry Christmas!


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