Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Secret Santa According to Me

You know how Secret Santa goes.

Here's my version...

I get a name. Try to figure out some small gifts to give that are meaningful or fun or something that my person will like and give throughout the week. And then there is the last present. 

And this year, there was no specified $$ limit.

Meanwhile I begin to receive presents. That are AWESOME. Perfect for me. And everyday.

So there is a constant battle in my head--am I spending too much (never really a question, I'm a cheap gift giver), will my person that I am gifting think I am a cheapskate? 

Does it matter?


Moving forward...

Today we all gathered in the cafeteria to give our last present and let our person know who has been giving gifts. As I was heading that way with my gift, I saw my person leave the building... Guess I'll give it tomorrow.

Sitting together. Waiting. Wondering. Nothing. No present. Did I get forgotten? Can I hold my tears in? 

That was silly--I got MANY presents, of course I had a person. But who?

Then my buddy headed my way. Smiling HUGE.

Tears again.

She handed me a bag and a card. The card was awesome (and mentioned that I maybe could talk about it on my blog!!) and meaningful and personal and let me know that she "gets" me. And a gift card for some fancy nails.

Tears again and some hugs. Seriously wonderful. To feel loved. Cared for. Accepted for who I am. Encouraged to be the best person I can be and then be even better.

That was the best part of Secret Santa.

Now I know.

I know a lot of "things." Other "things" I can see demonstrated and then can do.

Next year (or maybe in January--Secret Snowman anyone??) I will be that Santa that encourages, loves, accepts and brightens someone's day.
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  1. Mostly I just worry when I have to do a secret santa type of thing... will they laugh at my gift? Am I am schmuck? and so on. I don't like secret santa activities because they make me anxious! Thanks for a new perspective!

  2. What a great day! So glad that you enjoyed Secret Santa, and that it brought you back to your blog. I've missed you, my friend!
    Merry Christmas! Three more days!!

  3. I love secret Santa.
    I wanted to do random acts of christmas kindness, but just haven't had time this year. Maybe secret snowmen would be good instead. Sara


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