Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Last Day

And the teachers are tired.

So tired that typos are very possible.

We are pretty lucky in my district. Our last day with students is today. And tomorrow is a work day. And that allows travelers to travel and get to their destination with ease. See, nice, huh?

I'm not traveling, but I will be enjoying these coming days of laying around in pjs, watching movies, surfing my favorite blogs and eating way too many Kit Kats.

How did we celebrate our time together you ask? We did a contraction smart art project (link here, go check it out, looks like it is on sale). We did the Santa, and the kids loved it.

We also watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The first part while eating lunch, and then on the floor with coats for pillows.

Some girls had fun with their socks (which were a present from their teacher).

And a visit from the Jolly Elf.

That sure doesn't sound like enough to make a person tired, but trust me, there was more and it was.

Now I'm off for my pre-bedtime nap.

Hope your last day with students is fun, memorable and ends with a yummy drink (mine did)!
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  1. My day was better than I was thinking it would be - and I'm one tired teacher, too.

  2. Alyce! I've missed you. I'm back in the blog-sphere. Hoping to read your blog more often. Glad to see you are well despite being tired. Merry Merry Christmas. xo


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