Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Friends of Vacation

Vacations are a little different for our family now.

Now that I have a blog and blog friends...

As we were planning our vacation, and I realized where my sister now lives (after a cross-country move), I was super excited to think I may have a chance to meet some of my bloggy besties.

We are back now. And Michelle @ Big Time Literacy and the the challenge is to write a review. Perfect, I will review my time with my 3 bloggy buddies.

1. Patty. She is nice. Creative. Funny. And we love to eat hot pretzels and chat. We have been friends for many years (is 3 many?). We talked about our year, children and grandchildren (hers, not mine), and then we started talking about technology. My time with her encouraged me to step up what I do, so I have contacted someone she knows to help me out. I will keep you posted about what I learn...

Go visit Patty @ 2nd in Line and tell her I sent you.

2. Julie. She is the bomb dot com. Again with the creative, and funny. We talked (well, actually she talked and I listened) about her time in Vegas at the I Teach 1st conference. Don't get me wrong. She is not a conversation hog. She talked, I listened and asked questions and it was fantastic! She also introduced me to Matt Gomez. She went to his session about inquiry based learning in Vegas and got us both excited. I will be creating a terrarium and getting it ready for school (see his post about terrariums). I'm also going to get a fish tank up and running for another living station in my room. PLUS, I am super excited to incorporate Imagination Tubs into our day. 

See what I mean? I was with her for about 1.5 hours (I think) and I got all that. Plus we caught up on our lives a bit. My sister was with us and she also thinks that Julie is amazing.

Go visit Julie @ First Grade Critter Cafe and tell her I sent you. 

3. Em. It's a trifecta! Em is creative, sweet, caring and thoughtful. She met me (and my family) for lunch. We caught up, talked shop (school) and shared about our lives. Now that I'm home, I cannot wait to check out some bloggers that she told me about.

Go visit Em @ Curious Firsties and tell her I sent you.

There are several more Bloggy Friends that I hope to visit on future family vacation. And my teacher friends that live near me--they strive to be better, share what they have learned and celebrate successes. These teachers, far and near, are My Teaching Tribe. I am a fortunate teacher.

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  1. This is so neat that you got to meet up with friends you met through blogging!

  2. I had the most wonderful time with you. I am one lucky, lucky girl to have you in my life.


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