Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Skinny

What's the skinny? What's the gossip?

Truth...I have no idea.

Usually I am the last to know things. Unless it's happening to my husband or BFF/TBFF. 

Today I will be joining the world of Jacqueline (brown girl dreaming) between fits of laundry and cleaning. I would much rather stay on the chair and read, but, you know...

My mom's family will be getting together (I'm too far away to be there) to have a birthday party for my cousin. She's the only one who gets a birthday party. Well, maybe it's not really a birthday party but rather a family gathering that just happens to be on her birthday. But it happens every year. And I know she's getting a cake, my mom is taking one. Happy Birthday Erin!!

And tomorrow my older son comes back to us. He has been spreading his wings at a youth church convention: learning stuff, meeting people, making plans for his future. 

Not much to tell, right? You probably have better gossip than me...I'm heading over to Michelle's place and see what the skinny really is...

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  1. Just remember, when your cousin was a kid and she really wanted to have a party with her friends, they couldn't come because they were off on some 4th of July celebration! lol. As a kid, I hated having this b'day, as an adult, I love it. :)
    I didn't really know what "the sinny" was either, so I just said stuff that is going in a gossipy tone of voice, I don't know if it even came through to the blog or not.
    Happy Fourth my friend!


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