Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Time

I'm on Summer Time.

Summer Time means that I can write a post or not and it's no big deal. It means that if I am a week late to the party, oh well, I can show up anyway.

Summer Time means I get to sleep late, watch tv, and this summer I added reading for pleasure.

Summer Time means I get to share my thoughts on Teaching with Intention and not be worried that I have missed the link up. 

Summer Time means that I will share about chapters 4, 5, and 6 and be ok with it. 

Reflection #1: I have to do a better job of "thinking out loud." I do not like "canned" thinking from basals, they don't sound like me. But I HAVE to think out loud. That is the only way some of the kids will learn to do what I am trying to teach them. It is an effective teaching strategy.  I love that Debbie Miller has given me guidance and support and encouragement to make "thinking out loud" an authentic method of teaching.

Reflection #2: Every time I teach a concept (like use chunks to read unknown words, or reread to clarify), I want to use engaging content (like an awesome science or social studies unit). Luckily for me Debbie Miller spent a whole chapter on how she plans (more extensive in the beginning) and it looks like I could do it.

Reflection #3: Each time I teach a lesson, I need to know "what's the focus, and why is it important?" Knowing where I'm going will make it easier to create a map to get there.

Now that I know where I'm going, time for me to set the path...


So my friend, Michelle @ Big Time Literacy, is hosting a blogging challenge this July. I completed it last July, and it was a great time of writing and reading and making new friends. Let's see what this challenge brings.

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