Thursday, July 9, 2015

Intentional Teaching

I love reading to learn. Almost more than reading for pleasure.

Summer brings countless opportunities to read to learn (aka, teacher PD on the side). I could have read The Daily Five (Second Edition), or Next Steps in Guided Reading or Guided Math and joined in the online book studies. I have read them all before (but the first edition of The Daily Five) and a refresher could have been nice, however, I was in the mood for something new. And there is ALWAYS something new, right?

I stumbled upon three books that looked like a great fit for me. And I am so happy that I have completed one of them. Yay me!!! 

Debbie Miller is quite the straight talker in Teaching with Intention. She said what I should be doing. Gave examples of how she has done it. And then read my mind--"This is HARD, how am I going to do this? Maybe I'll just go back to the old way..." And responded by giving me the scaffolds/supports so that I then thought, "Maybe I can do this."

As I prepare for the coming year, I am convicted that I MUST do a better job of knowing the road ahead. It is not good enough to look at the teacher's manual and be ready to go. I must know the path, know the students and make smarter plans.

So glad that Miller told real stories and gave sound advise (like how to create a page for conferring) because that is what I need.

And about the time. Use it wisely. Got to give time to the students to read and let them share in the responsibility of learning. 

Ok. Time to get cracking on the "mapping the route"...

See ya over at Michelle's place, she is talking about the book Daring Greatly, and I'm not sure what the rest are talking about. Let's go find out!!!

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  1. I want to read this book! You're so right... Gotta be more than a TE! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am feeling many of the same emotions and having many similar thoughts reading Guided Math. I want this, this idea of MORE for my students, and more student driven learning, and yet, it looks so hard to me. I read the ideas, examples, framework, and yet.... but I want to teach in a way that is deeper than just a manual and workbooks. So much more.

  3. I love love love mapping out the year. I don't know what it is! I think it just like a puzzle to me...making sure all the pieces fit in the time allotted. It is never perfect and it changes every year. But it is fun to me.


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