Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ag Fair 2013, It's a Wrap

My kids have been working on their ag fair projects for a little over a week. They have been studying butterflies. 

They have been memorizing lines. They have practiced alone, to our class and to the other first grade class.

Today was the big day. We were open from 1:30-2:30. The kids did great! See...

 Ways Butterflies are Helpful to Farmers

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Predators of Butterflies

Types of Butterflies

Ways to Attract Butterflies (how to create a butterfly garden)

Then I drove home. 

I knew I was tired, but...

I pulled the van into the garage, let my son out, and closed my eyes. Just for a moment.

But, 30 minutes later, I woke up with my mouth catching flies. 

I took a nap in the van, in the garage. A first time for everything. I recommend naps in the van. Not a single child interrupted me!

Not done yet, we had another ag fair session from 6-7. When I arrived at the school my class was already full!

So much work, but so worth while. I think my friend summed it up when she remarked on the student's independence.

Today, for those 2 hours, I sat back and watched. Smiled. Marveling at each student and his or her contribution to the presentation. I'm glad the grown ups had cameras. Today was a good day to document.


We finally got around to our final quilt for the year. I think this is my favorite. (But I say that each time we make one.)

Tomorrow is Friday. And "Muffins with Mom" at school. I will so be ready for a weekend!

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  1. Your kids look so proud of themselves, as they should:)
    I can relate to the falling asleep. Yesterday I fell asleep from 5 to 7, woke up for dinner, then fell asleep at 9:00!! It's that time of year!
    Your quilt is very pretty. Where do you hang them? I'm not sure I'd have the room.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. Love your butterfly presentations!
    What a great project to build independence.
    Sleepless days and nights are consuming us all. Can't wait to sleep in on Saturday!


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