Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Wow #1: Looky here what I got!!

My husband bought it for me (he got one for him also) on Saturday. Now to discover all it can do for me.

Wow #2: Next year my school district is going to a Four Blocks model for our ELA time. I am so excited about it!

I am dabbling with it now.

On Tuesday I lead the class with a "guided reading" lesson using a National Geographic Young Explorer. I gave the purpose for reading (discover how mother animals and their babies are alike), then got the kids with their "whole brain partners" and they read the article.

Seeing them read and help each other, if necessary, was amazing!

Finally the kids helped me fill out a chart with the animal name and the baby name.

Today I lead another "guided reading" lesson with NGYE. The find out how plant parts help a plant. I had 5 kids sit with me to read, everyone else read to their self. It was ERT style. Everyone read to find out how the roots (stem, leaves, flower) help a plant grow. As each question was unearthed, the kids were clamoring to tell me the answer! So much reading and comprehending.

Wow #3: No picture from today of guided reading. But check this out...

Some kids were not working on their ag fair project. They did not ask what they could do. They found some friends and got busy reading!

Love it!

The end of last week I pulled out some very old basal anthologies. Handed them to the kids and they love them. They read and reread as often as possible. I will need to look in my cupboard for more anthologies next week.

I love my first grade readers.

15 days until they become second graders.

Wow #4: Just over a year ago I started this blog, because I wanted so badly to participate in blog giveaways, but you had to have a blog to participate. I won the very first time I tried. Read about it here, and see what I won (a Teacher Tipster DVD--sorry, I spilled the beans, I couldn't wait).

Now, 190 blog posts and 100 followers later I am starting to think of myself as a writer. YIPPEE!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. Thanks for commenting.

The sad part for you is I have no TpT store, no giveaway planned, and nothing to send you except good thoughts for ending this school year strong.

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  1. 100 followers? Wow! Congrats!

  2. Girl, I'm counting down the days too!! I haven't written on my blog in the last two weeks because I am d-o-n-e. I need all of the good thoughts I can get.

  3. 15 days? You lucky girl! I have 27 to go!
    Can't believe it is almost over!


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