Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, Five for Friday

Sitting on my small deck. Watching the clouds come and go. Feeling the breeze on my face. Reflecting on how much love I have felt this week.

It was like my birthday, only BIGGER, because it went on ALL WEEK!

Never before have I been spoiled by my student's parents as I was this week. It has been amazing and humbling. I love my job. It is more than a job. I love my hobby. I love my students. And the parents have let me know in many different ways that they appreciate me and what I do for their children.

The cards. Oh the cards. More than one brought tears to my eyes. The ones written by parents, and the ones written by my students. They are all so amazing.

Let me share just a few pictures... and then I will link them with Doodle Bugs Teaching and her Friday linky.

1. This student is a charmer.

And this is how he looked last night at the Ag Fair. Love all of it. As he walked through the class I just smiled. Good thing he charms me. Because he is often writing when is supposed to be listening. Yesterday when I got on him for that, I was quickly put in my place. Because he then presented me with a handmade card. The first he has ever given me. Thanks, friend.

2. Homemade (school-made) salsa with chips.

Last week the students made salsa. With some ingredients grown in our greenhouse. Yummy. It was our snack this morning.

3. Root beer float.

Not sure what the kindergartners were celebrating, but while I was working on my weekly newsletter a sweetie brought me one of my own. Yummy. 

4. Geraniums.

I so didn't do anything fabulous for the moms. Thankfully our gardener helps the students plant and care for geraniums. Perfect to send home for Mother's Day.

5. Bracelets.

The red and pink friendship bracelet was made by one of my students. He gave it to me yesterday with 6 sparkly pens. The black bracelet was made by a different student's mom, and they gave it to me this morning. I am not usually a bracelet person, but I think I will wear these for a long time. Maybe even every day. It is a lot like love on my wrist.


I'm not counting down the days because I am wanting to send these kids on. I'm counting down because I have to know how many more fun days I get with these kids. My first group of firsties. They will always be special to me.

9 more days.

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  1. You really have the neatest school. So many real world experiences at your fingertips. It's very fun to read about.

    School Is a Happy Place


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