Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crazy New Sport

Last Tuesday many of my friends were writing about Instagram. My knowledge was limited. But I do not feeling left out.

So, quickly Sunday morning I got an account all set up. And I am in love.

I get to follow all my favorite blog peeps. It is quick. There are always pictures (duh). 

I've been playing around with it. Trying to do the hashtag thing. And in the process, I forget to blog! 

If I knew how to link it to here, I would. Perhaps I will learn over the weekend. But if you can figure it out, my username is mrsbartelsschoolfamily. 


I will leave you with some pictures. My table at school is covered with lovely flowers. I got flowers from my students yesterday and today. With some of the sweetest notes. (Thanks parents!) And chocolate. Yum!

Day #1

Day #2

Happy Teacher Week!

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