Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Special Drink, A Grid, and Wild Leggings

A special drink...

At "Meet the Teacher" I created the obligatory "All about me" sheet. I got to choose what to include. Because I am the teacher.

I was a little sneaky. You see, I added my favorite drink. Do you see where this is heading?

You know, just in case anyone ever wanted to bring me a drink, they would know that I like chai tea lattes.

Today was my lucky day!!! A very wonderful parent showed up at 2:00 with that special drink. Oh yes, I sipped it right in front of the kids and enjoyed it even after dismissal.

It was lovely.

A grid...

Bowtie Guy was pretty encouraging this past Sunday. He got me excited to keep info on my kids. That I am the expert on these 23 and I need to know it. And let's face it, that is just too much for me to remember in my head. Thankfully he showed and talked about the grid he created to keep track. I whipped one up and started on Monday.

So far I have 4 days of notes. About math. About reading. About behaviors and skills. On all the kids.

I pretty much love looking at the days I've already completed, because there is so much "data." I keep the clipboard with me all the time (with a great pen, of course) and the kids already get that sometimes I just have to stop and write a note. 

It is helpful.

Wild leggings...

I admire the little girls at my school that wear beautiful leggings. It is fun. I want to be fun.

Today I surprised a few folks. And the same girls that I admired told me today that they Love my leggings.

It made me smile, and we all need a smile on a Thursday.

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  1. Wow! Love that you got a drink from a parent! And the leggings are awesome! There's a reason your girls complimented them. FUN!!

  2. You are sneaky and brave! Love the leggings! And now I've got to go back and read your other posts to find out who bow tie guy is! Sara


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