Saturday, August 29, 2015

Parent Information Night

I can talk to and teach and guide little ones all day.

But their parents? That scares me a bit.

So, every year when "Parent Information Night" shows up, I start to get very nervous. 

Two groups of parents, sitting, looking at me, wondering what I have to say.

They are not scary, really, they are loving parents, just like me. But I am supposed to "know' stuff about their kids and teach their kids and I just want to do a good job. And by the end of many days I can't remember what we did or who learned what, and that is the part that is scary.

But this year was/is different. 

I've been keeping daily notes on my grid (see this post), and posting on a class blog about what we've been doing daily. So, I have stuff on the kids, and the parents already know what we did.


I was still scared at Parent Information Night. But when they lined up to talk to me after my "speech," I felt like I knew who their child was, how they learn, what struggles they have, how I've helped them become successful. All because of the notes I've taken, and reread many times in order to be a better teacher.

And they LOVE the class blog. Being able to read about something that we did during the day helps get the conversation started after school. No more "I don't know" or "nothing," because the parents have a word, activity, or something to remind their child.

Let's face it. Parents just want information. They are not criticizing, or telling us what to do. They just want to know that their child is safe and in a place where they are encouraged to make growth (social and academic) every day. 

I can almost look ahead to Parent/Teacher Conferences without a stomachache...

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  1. Yay for you! I want to do something like your grid -- could you snap a pic? Sara

  2. I am glad that it went well! I always get so nervous too!


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