Sunday, August 23, 2015

Letters on a Sunday Morning

What I'm thinking on this Sunday morning...

Dear Mrs. Jones,
I treasure our time together. Both now and the past. Thanks for teaching me what you are learning. I have your hula hoop in my van that I was supposed to give to you, but I was so involved in our conversation, that I forgot. It'll be waiting until our next lunch together...
Love always,
Mrs. Bartel

Dear Lesson Plan Book,
I will be waving a magic wand over you later this morning. I would appreciate it if you would fill yourself in... 
A Teacher Who Wants to be Prepared

Dear Magic Wand,
When you have completed the lesson plans, please do the vacuuming.
I've been busy with other stuff

Dear Donor's Choose,
Thank you so much for existing! The Hokki stools arrived this week. The kids are loving the wiggle ability and I love that they are red. Be on the look out for the "Thank You Package" soon, and another project...
A Very Grateful Teacher

Dear Big Time Literacy,
I love this linky! I love what I learn from you on all your blog posts. Thanks for reaching out to teachers in your district and all over the world. I wish you the very best school year ever!
Mrs. Bartel

Time to link up or hop over to Big Time Literacy to read more letters.

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  1. I can't wait till we can meet IRL, you're so great. I'm really following all your mindfulness stuff, I've been pinning things about being mindful and on a personal level, it's helping me with some things going on with me, too. Thanks for all that you share and this friendship via the Internet! Have a great week! :-)

  2. also, your letter to the magic wand made me lol!

  3. Can I borrow that magic wand this year?? I would really appreciate it if my house could be cleaned on its own!! I promise I will give it back :)

  4. That magic wand would be useful for my house, too! Donor's choose is a wonderful thing!

  5. I love reading your letters! I have to agree that I love this linky! It is one of my favorites! I thought of about 5 more letters I could have written after I published mine!

  6. Congrats on the Donorschoose proposal-sounds like the kiddos will have fun with those stools! :) That magic wand sounds amazing right now!

    Not Just Child's Play


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