Thursday, August 13, 2015

Real Talk

As some of my Periscope friends will say...

this is going to be Real. The straight truth, as I see it.

I've been having trouble getting excited about the new school year. Yes, eager, but excited has not been my most common feeling. And as I reflect on today, the range of emotions is exhausting.

Delighted in the morning to get the last few items crossed off my list to be ready for Meet the Teacher.

Nervous in the afternoon about whether I forgot something.

Panicked later on that I did not have a solid plan for Friday (first day with students).

Tearful throughout the day that my TBFF (Mrs. Jones) was not at school to help me stay centered. 

Relieved at 6:30 pm after meeting every child that will be in my class this year.

And as I was driving home I just started naming the kids, and I felt a smile creep across my face. Then, my smile grew bigger as I realized what that meant. I was already loving my students. And by the end of the day tomorrow, I have a feeling that I will be the Momma Bear teaching and protecting my fabulous firsties. 

Now I am relieved. 

Because there is Love. And where there is Love, there is Peace.

Welcome back to school, my friends. 

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  1. You're gonna Rock it tomorrow my friend. Love the camping theme :) did your stools come to your room today??? Leigh Ann

  2. Lovely post! Can't wait to read about your year :)

  3. That is some real talk! My students start on Tuesday and I am just focused on trying to get my room ready and meet district expectations. I haven't had time to get nervous or to think about whether or not I am ready for new little relationships and hearts to love. But it will come!


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