Monday, August 3, 2015

Books, Books, I Love Books!

Am I a life-long reader? Are you?

Today is the day that Lit Loving Gals is starting the book study on the cool book I have (The Reading Strategies Book), but I just can't start that one until I finish another...

I've had The Book Whisperer on my table, in my bag, in my hands since June 1 and still have a chapter to go. Each time I read some of it I get ALL FIRED UP AGAIN.

Today I feel confused. I want life-long readers to leave my class, but I have to create them, they are not born. I have to create the environment and space for the reading, get rid of the stuff that inhibits the love of reading, and still do all that is expected of me, as a teacher.

Life-long readers do not take an assessment at the end of each chapter or book. They do not read for minuscule details that will be on the test. They read for fun. They recommend books to their friends. If they miss a detail, they can read the book again, or not, it's their choice. 

But how will I know they are reading and comprehending if I do not give a test?

1. Talk with them about the books they read. And keep notes.
2. Give time to read DAILY in class.
3. Make reading an expectation.
4. Teach how to read, build stamina, share books, read aloud, talk about books they will love, be infectious.

So as I begin this last week of summer vacation I have but one wish for the school year. Please, oh please, let reading be reading, and do not ever let "school" get in the way of becoming a life-long reader. 

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  1. That book changed me-it made me want to become a reader again! I absolutely agree with you and it's something I struggle with in my class. My district has adopted a version of Daily 5 and my kids get so bored with reading-which of course, I absolutely hate to see. So that's a goal for me this year as well.

    Not Just Child's Play

  2. Great post! I had one group of kids do the 40 book thing she talks about!

  3. Love this!!! Book Whisperer is next on my list and Reading Strategies just came in the mail today. Being an intervention teacher (well...Title I), I feel this challenge. My teaching is more direct, explicit. I want to nurture the love and not hinder it. Thank you for this.

  4. I loved the Book Whisperer, too. I've never given a reading test in 26 years of teaching! Just like you said, I figure if they can talk confidently about the book, they're understanding it. Next year I want to have weekly discussions where we chat and drink wine (ie., grape juice). :))

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the Reading Strategies book. Not sure if know that one.

    Happy summer!

  5. That is a great book! I changed my classroom around one day I was so inspired by the book and made the reading center the focus of my classroom. I also started having the kids read more independently as well. My students love to read!

    The Very Busy Kindergarten


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