Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Night Before Contract Starts

And all through the house... I am eager, full of anticipation and uncommonly calm.

As I perused Instagram today I was amazed at how many teachers are starting back tomorrow. So for all of us that start tomorrow, I offer the same words as One Fab Teacher and Sheila Jane Teaching...

Teach Happy, Live Happy, Be Happy

How will I teach happy? I'm pleased that I started a new blog--just for chronicling our days. Originally, this blog was that, but it morphed into something else (and that makes me super happy), so this new blog will be daily (I hope) communication for the parents, with photos and captions. Parents just want to know what is going on, or have a way to jump start a conversation. That is my goal to give timely information.

Now, for living happy... I happened across an article on Twitter about Drama. What I've learned this summer is that there is a lot of drama, all over the place. I want to live a life of Compassion--check out this article... Living and leading a compassionate life will help me have a happy year.

Periscope has been HUGE to me this summer. And by summer I mean, I learned about it in July. Periscope has brought me joy, hope and made my favorite bloggers real. I hear their voices, see them struggle for words as they speak their truth, and am very encouraged by them. So, I will continue to be encouraged, and work to encourage others as well. That is my plan to Be Happy.

I cannot wait to make this my best year yet!

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  1. Alyce -- love your enthusiasm and your happy motto! We started Friday and had some great motivational speakers -- great way to start the year. Have not hopped onto the periscope train -- I'm thinking I need to. Have a great first day! Sara

  2. Hope you have an amazing day today! Be sure to share with us how it goes!


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