Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday

I woke up today with a goal.
That goal is: document five parts of my day and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Here goes:

1. A cold chai tea latte for my drive to work. Not as delicious as the drink yesterday. but a good morning tradition.

2. A beautiful flower from a fabulous firstie.

3. A painting party in first grade.

4. A 7th grade pool party. For my son. I am certainly glad I teach first grade and not middle school. They wore me out!

5. A couch. No picture. but I am certain that teachers the world over are enjoying some R&R this evening. Just. Like. Me.

What five things do you want to remember from today?

Hop on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and read more Five for Fridays.

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  1. I teach middle schoolers twice a week...they wear me out! I love seeing pictures of kids back in action. I have a couch in my classroom that I have been found sleeping on. Some Fridays I just can't make it home!

  2. I was in bed by 9:30! I'm exhausted!


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