Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3rd Grade Math Assessment Day #1

I knew from experience that I should expect my classroom door to look fabulous today. I was not disappointed.

A couple of weeks ago my 3rd graders took the state reading assessment. My teacher friend decorated our door for that occasion. Streamers, balloons, and cards for each student.

Today it was numbers and streamers and just lovely and colorful to look at. Thanks Mrs. Black.

The test takes all morning. Miss Murphy helps the third graders with the test instructions, etc., like I did with the reading, and I have the second graders. All morning. From 8:15 until 11:00.

It wasn't that bad. In fact I really enjoyed it. We did all the chores (except for our new piglets), then spent 2 hours on reading groups and independent work. Like I said, I enjoyed it. We do not take recess until everyone is finished with the test, so that means we did not take our 10:00 break, worked right through.

Then we had lunch, cleaned out their desks (how long has it been since we've done that?), had a LONG recess, read from The 39 Clues, had PE, Computer Lab (so happy to have Mrs. Voth back), and then it was time to go home. One girl said, wow, that was a short day. Kinda.

Two more days of assessment and then we are done for the year. Yippee.
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