Friday, April 20, 2012

Yippee! I am a winner

Today was a short day. Kids went home at 1 pm, and the teachers created the dates for next school year. Like when P/T conferences and the Ag Fair will be. Along with other things like all school bowling party and the Christmas caroling we will do. It was fine.

I stayed late, because it was quiet and I could. It was nice and peaceful.

Do you know Mr. Smith? The Teacher Tipster? He is cool and I dig his videos and printables. Do you know Jill from Marvelous Multiagers? She was having a Teacher Tipster giveaway of his DVD this week and I entered. This was the first giveaway I entered. Pretty awesome that I got an email from her tonight that I won! Wow! This is her blog Marvelous Multiagers, she has great stuff and teaches a split class like me. Hers is a first/second, mine is a second/third. Cannot wait to watch my new DVD. Thanks Jill.

What a fabulous way to begin my weekend.
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  1. Yay, I am more happy you won now since it was the first giveaway you ever entered!! I actually started my blog a year ago because I wanted to enter a giveaway... haha!

    I always wonder to myself if a second/third split would work out better than a first/second. I just feel like my kids are MILES apart, especially in reading!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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