Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Soil Investigations

Today the third graders finished up our soil investigation. Last week they looked at four different soil samples (clay, peat, rocky, and sandy) and used hand lenses to look at the color, smell, and various ingredients to the soils. Then they put 1/2 cup of soil in a quart jar, added 2 cups of water and shook, shook, and shook.

They shook for 3 -5 minutes.

Then they had to wait two hours and observed what happened to their soil sample. They were so amazed and enjoyed seeing what other group's jars looked like.

Today we were able to get back to the soil... We talked about water and wind erosion. With more soil samples we added "rain."

We used a hair dryer to simulate wind and marveled at the way different soil reacted to the "wind." (Sorry, guess I forgot to take a picture of the wind part of the investigation.)

Of course, we had to discuss how erosion effects farmers and what can be done. I am learning to tie all things to agriculture, because everything is tied to agriculture.

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