Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yard Work

We have a yard that is a low water variety. It comes in late in the spring and leaves early in the fall. Right now only the dandelions need to be mowed.

The weeds are abundant. Today I finally had enough of them. After I ate a quick supper of last night's leftovers I went outside and started pulling weeds out of the front yard. Pulling weeds is back-breaking work. My legs are wobbly, and my hand has no strength left.

But half of the yard is semi-weed free, and I had a lovely talk with my neighbor and her cute son, and a different neighbor hauled my weeds away. I love my street.

I was outside for two hours. When I came in (at 8:00) my boys were hungry. No one fed them and they didn't feed themselves. Oh well, grilled cheese is quick, add some kiwi, apples and side salad, and everyone can go to bed full and happy.

Today was an all day affair of state testing and tomorrow is an early release day with a special program in the morning. Ag Fair is in two weeks.  Somewhere in there we need to plan and take a field trip. Let the race continue.

Five weeks from today is the last day of school for 2011-2012. Wow!
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  1. Hi Alyce!!

    You won my Teacher Tipster DVD giveaway! Hooray for you!!!!!!!

    Send me an email at marvelousmultiagers at gmail dot com so we can get everything ironed out! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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