Monday, April 30, 2012


We are trying to learn fractions. They are super good at recognizing and reading the picture or numeral fraction.

But now on to equivalent fractions and ordering fractions. I need some hands-on activities to use with second and third graders.

We won our school's Papa John's night from April. That means that our class bought the most pizzas on a certain night. And we get a pizza party. And we get $60 to spend. The pizza arrived today at 2 pm and we figured some fractions from what we got. 3 pizzas. 16 slices each. Took me much longer than the kids to figure out how many slices all together. I kept arguing with them when they said 48, no it is not, I was looking for the answer 42. Finally the other grownup in the room stopped me and and talked me through it (16 and 16 is 32, and 16 more is 48). Shining moment for me for sure. And we will use the money to help pay for the t-shirts we are having printed. Yippee, they should come in another week.

I am starting lists of what I want to do and teach and resources to get for next year. That is exciting.

Still trying to finish strong. Lots to do and learn before I can send them off for the summer.
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